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Setting the Stage - 2010

Rite Way Valet, a leading private valet services company based in Baltimore, Maryland. In 2010, as a start up, the company aimed to provide valet services that far exceeded expecations of businesses and private event facilitators. In developing a strategy for the company's very first website, our vision was to show the team in action in a very candid style. Funded by leadership at Choice Hotels International, the web project far exceeded OUR OWN expectations and instantly put the RWV on the map!

We visited the company at work in downtown Baltimore to photograph RWV staff on the job. This approach really captured the process and delivered an extension of the experience online. Showing the valet process as a great experience for both patrons and establishments, and backing up the value proposition with detailed case studies. Complete with an intuitive lead capturing tool, the web site succeeded in converting traffic to business, putting RWV on pace to quickly outgrow their own web solution!

The company has since matured- providing professional parking services to dozens of establishments each year. Our place in their early history remains a great example of strategy over clever creative. RWV worked because we had a great business to showcase and didn't get lost in showmanship. We focused on their customer, how they serve them, and the positive outcome. That's it. Red cars help too!


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