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Keeping It REAL.

Since 2009, our mission has been to communicate the true benefits of real client products and services in fun and exciting ways. In a new digital age, we knew it important to always keep our compass with valid work. Creative that sells but does not work in nefarious ways, ever. aybar serves real clients, with real products and services, with real benefits. As we move forward into our next ten years, we look forward to always staying the course in our mission to craft communications that are ethical. No tricks. No gimmicks. Real work for real people.


In an Age of Data

In an age of data, even using a tool such as Google Analytics to honestly learn about those who visit your site, to genuinely improve their experience, has important disclaimers to be aware of. As a creative services provider, we do not hold any sensitive digital data whatsoever as a practice, but do rely on providers we use as vendors to value ethics and will always speak up if we experience something that concerns us. We do our best within our capabilities to ensure that we are a good steward of transfer, management and usage of data used in our work on any third party platforms that we subscribe to, or have access to through our clients.

As talent acquisition specialists, we do not, as a practice, hold sensitive personal digital data on any job candidate. We also do not engage with clients or refer business to those who force applicants to fill out lengthy digital online job applications without clearly stating how the information is to be transferred, used and stored, and guarantee of reasonable security measures to protect any information held.


We Do Our Own Work

We do our own work, period. When you hire AYBAR, you get us, founder and all. We always pick up the phone. We always respond and are up for a chat with you to discuss the work. Client-focused and hands-on is how we do this thing. US-based professional creative talent at your service.


Ownership, Display Rights and Communications

We will never retain exclusive ownership of creative produced and paid for to license such work. We appreciate the opportunity to display finished work as part of our portfolio, to brag about it. We also respect privacy and all requests to not do so. Client strategies, communications and concepts for past, present and future work, produced or not produced, are confidential and not reused. We strive to be unique in concept and serve each client with innovative work that suits their specific business objectives. What you say to us is between us. What is produced and paid for is yours forever with or without us.

Job seekers and talent acquisition client communications are confidential and any information expressed is kept as such unless needed as part of the application process we are involved in. In such instances, your privacy is our priority and we will not transmit any communications on sensitive matters digitally unless the recipient can reasonably guarantee security measures are in place, in addition to clearly stating how the information is to be transferred, used and stored. Information transferred as such will never take place without your expressed understanding and consent. Additionally, as a matter of practice, we will always ask that any data collected be deleted and confirmed deleted if an applicant is not placed or is out of consideration for a position.


The Greater Good

As creatives, we are often in a unique position to lend our skills to initiatives for positive change. Academia, Non-profits, and Non-political public service initiatives are always welcome to request proposals from us for consideration at a reduced rate. In the next ten years we also hope to actively donate a percentage of profits to causes we believe in such as cancer research and mental health programs.


A Note on Politics

We encourage and respect political opinions and activity from all we serve and work with. However, as our work touches a diverse world-wide audience, we endeavor to respect all viewpoints in any discussion, including any of our own, and politely decline work in politics.


Website Accessibility

We continuously work to keep our site as accessible as possible within the tools available to us. This includes a neatly organized website with structure to best help accessibility technology access our content. While there are no federally organized detailed guidelines for these efforts, we review available industry opinions and best practices from our peers to guide us. To help drive more focus on accessibility, we encourage you to contact your legistlator(s) to discuss the topic. As the web landscape evolves, we should all be able to take part in it despite our physical limitations, and detailed guidelines are key to doing so. This is a top-down effort that needs to begin with easy-to-understand and implement guidelines for anyone engaging in online, especially commerce. We hope to see that soon.


with Creative Spark, Talent and Integrity,