California North Skincare Advertising

Establishing The Voice - 2011-2013

Serious skin care without the serious tone. In 2011 California North Skincare was ready for a new creative direction. A new tone, a new voice; a new format to express itself. An ultimate goal in creative, our approach, was to truly open up the brand image to showcase its inclusiveness to both men and women, high quality product offerings, all while entertaining the audience. Beginning in 2011, we developed a series of online advertisements and product highlights. Smart, cheeky, edgey and commical- creative that both entertained and informed in very short bursts. Effective in attracting entirely new demographic segments in both gender and age, the creative tone set was so well received- it charted the course for years of work to come.


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California North Titanium Self Tanner Skincare Advertisement



California North Gelskin Wash Skincare Advertisement


California North Electric Glide Advertisement


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